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Permalink Somewhere along the way, I lost my passion.  
I was holding the camera, taking/editing/selling/sharing photographs but the camera was no longer holding me. The fire went out.  Once I realized that I had reached the full photography burn out to the point of considering another profession I set on a quest to rekindle my passion for taking pictures. I wanted to love it again.
Passion is as elusive as it is all-consuming. Where did I lose it? How do I get it back? Is it gone forever? Am I destined for blah, blah, blah. 
I’m digging in to these questions and I am making progress in fueling my inner fire. It’s feels like a rebirth, raw, painful and naked. It’s difficult but exciting. 
Step one: Stop. Don’t take pictures. See the world with your eyes not through a viewfinder. For me, this took roughly a month. Until I recognized that this option sucked. I am a storyteller. Taking away my camera was like being an amputee. 
Step two: Why. Why do I take pictures? Not for the profit margin, I assure you. Though it is my business. Our answers to this will vary. Try this exercise…and be honest with yourself.
For me, the “why” exists in the meaning of an image. I’ve taken countless photos. A few dozen of them truly MEAN something to me. I’m not talking about well captured, neatly crafted edits we use for our portfolio to gather new business or notoriety. I’m talking about photos that make me feel. Make me understand a character or the world. Photos that evoke raw emotion or understanding. That is why I depress the shutter.  To evoke. 
That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. I’m hellbent on finding my passion again. I invite you on the journey from passion lost to passion found. Maybe you need the trek as much as I do. Maybe we can learn from each other. I’ll be sharing on my progress regularly using the hashtag #evoke on Twitter & Instagram. 
The image above was taken at our Help-Portrait event in Dayton this year of an unassuming, gentle man moved by the portrait of himself. I can’t tell you what his portrait evoked in him although it looks a little like pride. It evoked in me sympathy and the knowledge a photograph is empowering. 
Permalink Everyone should have a happy place.
I have a few. One is that quiet, just waking up space in my bed when the kids come cuddle with us. 
The dojo is my other happy place. We laugh, sweat, hurt, grow, learn & strengthen. 
Permalink Snow. Mornings.

I was drinking my coffee, checking email on my phone and loving the adorable little boy taking in the newly fallen snow out the window. 

The Nikon was way too far off and I needed to catch this one before the sweet moment passed. I captured an Instagram photo instead.

Hope you like.

Permalink Taking part in the Chevrolet project, The Road We’re On, was delightfully challenging. In all I did brand photography with 5 local Chevy owners and their stories. The 5 images sets can be found here: 
Don | Corvettes  http://bit.ly/zloy2B
Kelly | Silverado   http://bit.ly/Aq6OyNJ & F | Impala      http://bit.ly/yNe7Bm
Mark | Tahoe       http://bit.ly/yNEXmF
Taylor | Cobalt     http://bit.ly/x2G4am

Hope you enjoyed the images. I’d love to gather your feedback if you don’t mind.